Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!!!! New Year, New You!


It is the start of a new year, and I am always a firm believer in the 'new year, new you' saying.  Have you set your resolutions?  Sending encouragement and well wishes on all of your endeavors for the coming year!  Some of you know that for health reasons associated with family history I embarked on a 'get healthy' journey last year and part of that journey includes losing weight......2013 started off really well and then slowed and plateaued for the last half of the year, so I am happy to say that a week into the new year, that journey has been continued, with measurable results even! So to all of us striving to better than we were yesterday, Congrats and carry on!

January is going to be a busy one at our house, Gabby has dance competitions OR Honor Choir every weekend between now and the 1st of January. This is sure to provide for many photo ops, can't wait!

And the audition process for  Annie Warbucks has begun, and it sets the next few months of my life into chaotic motion! (don't let me fool you, I love every minute of it!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

We ran away last week, Gabby and I, and we dragged a few of our favorite people with us, they didn't have much of a choice, we forced them, I promise!  Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind to much!!  Gabby decided that since she will be 18 soon, and legal to do aaaallll kinds of things without my permission (a fact she reminds me of often.) that we needed to run away one last time before adulthood struck.  So we loaded up the car with 4 girls, 1 mom, and all of our stuff, amazing how much we need for a two day trip!   

I am embarrassed to say that despite a rather uneventful drive, we didn't even have to deal with rush hour traffic until right before our exit. And only then because there had been an accident that they were clearing, the damage did not look bad, so hopefully all involved were ok.  Despite that, poor Jessie was startled awake by my sailor mouth when not one, not two, but three cars all decided that they wanted into the lane that I was merging into, and did they use a single turn signal between the three of them?  No, nary a one, stupid drivers, anyways, sorry Jessie, that was very unladylike of me, although, I don't think I have ever claimed to be a lady, sooooo.  Anyway, not the point.    So our first stop was to see the show 'Fame', it was well done, but, the best part was that one of my favorites starred in it, so much fun to surprise Natale after with a hug and flowers!  

After the show we found our local diner for some pie, breakfast, and hot chocolate.  We found new nicknames for each other, and laughed so hard we were crying...... then it was off to find our beds, the girls struggled with this for some reason.........
Poor Callie is being smothered by Gabby........
Eventually they did get settled, at 2, am, but hey who was keeping track of the time?  Not us, we were on vacation.  When we finally started moving Friday morning, yes it was still morning, barely, but morning nonetheless. We did a little shopping at one of the birthday girls favorite spots, fortunately for her fathers wallet, she likes a bargain. She loves to scour the racks at Ross, and then we hit DSW.  Julie even got me to try on a hat, and pose for a photo, journal moments there people, just sayin!

And then the fun really started Lagoon, here comes trouble, to go, in a four pack!! Who knew?!?
So we set off to ride the rides, we started with a warm up ride, have to build up to the excitement you know.....

We worked our way up to the scarier rides......
Waiting for Wicked
Even though there is no photographic proof, I not only went on the roller coasters, which I love, but the girls even got me on Re-entry.  For those who don't know, this ride takes you up to heights that we were not meant to dangle at, slowly, and then when you least expect it, they drop you!  While I was sure that I would pass our from freight, during the climb, and the short wait, once they dropped us and the adrenaline rush kicked in, I was in heaven.  Hello, my name is Lisa, and I am an adrenaline junky, knowing I have a problem is the first step, right?  Anyway, I look forward to the drop, not the climb again. In between the rides we saw the sights and met some new friends.......

Julie and I even found dates, and look one of them brought dinner.......

However, we left the girls to fend for themselves........

 We may have waited a little too long for Jessie, she didn't leave much for the other girls.....
You know that it has been a productive, event filled day when you can go from this.........
 To this........

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well, time has flown by, and there is much to say, and never enough time to say it all.......

Aug came and with it , the start of Gabby's senior year of high school, I know she thinks that I am kidding, but I am willing to do anything, anything, to bribe enough teachers to flunk her so that she is forced to spend on more year at home.  No really, I will do anything, name it PHS staff, and it is yours!!  I had a blast driving all over the southern half of the state of Utah cheering on the girls tennis team,  Even braved a heavy snow storm on I70 at 5am to be in Moab for region tournament, if that isnt motherly love, I don't know what is.  Gabby is also a Rammette this year, the drill team at Parowan High School.  They look so good as a group out there, love it when there hard work and dedication pay off, except of course when it means that I will be an empty nester next year!  ( can you see the theme that will probably be whined about, alot, in this post, and many more to follow?  My apologies in advance.)

September brought the Iron County Fair, and my last year as Exhibit Director.  It is a bitteresweet feeling to see that chapter come to an end.  So many amazing friendships were formed, we truly are blessed when we lose ourselves in service to others.  It has been a challenge to take over a position that was filled by such capable hands before me, I often wondered what on Earth Joyce was thinking when she asked me to help.  I will forever be grateful to all of the volunteers who put in more hours over the years than I would ever want to add up to help make my vision a reality each year.  I think the greatest accomplishment is one that I can take absolutely no credit for, we brought the exhibits into the 21st century with online registration and stream lined the process not just for the public as exhibitors, but also cut back on the hours that the volunteers had to put in as well.  There is one last bug to work out, and even that, I feel we have left and idea or two for next year that most of you will be happy with.  While I think I may be a little lost without the fair to fill the end of my summer months, I am looking forward to having time to enter an exhibit or two of my own, and sit in the entertainment, and not feel guilty about it!  :)

October finds both Gabby and I in the middle of shows and rehearsals, I had the 'opportunity', (read in your best vampire voice) to work backstage on Parowan Community Theaters production of, Dracula.  It is always fun to work with old friends, and meet new friends on a show.......there is just a sense of....family, that I love.   It was especially fun to work on this show, as 21 years ago I had the chance to play Lucy in a show directed by the same fearless leader as this production.  Looking forward, with trembling knees, for the musical in the spring, as yours truly will be directing 'Annie Warbucks', the sequel to Annie. Watch for audition info in the next month or so.  Gabby has her plate full with 4, yes 4, college classes as well as early morning drill team practices, and something else, oh yes, one of the leads in the PHS production of  'Footloose'.  I have had a sneak peek at one or two rehearsals, it is going to be so much fun.  Performances are scheduled the weekend before Thanksgiving. On top of that crazy schedule she will be 18 in just a few short weeks, she went to her first 'Meet the Candidate Night', yes she got extra credit in her gov. class for attending, but she took notes, and asked questions about topics and issues.  She is going to go into here election knowing who she is voting, and why she wants to support them.  Regardless of who she votes for, her seriousness in preparing for the responisbility to vote makes a momma proud!

Mike is doing well, for info, see his blog, he is spoiled, he gets his own blog!!!

Matt is driving in what is soon to be the great white north, well almost, as that technically would be over the border in Canada at grandma's house, but you get the idea.  The blizzard that hit SD earlier this month blew itself out before it got that far north, but he assures me that it is indeed chilly up there!

thanks and love to so many of you who may be named in this little blog, but glossed over, and to those of you who go unnamed but care enough to read  and check up on our crazy family.  Happy Holidays, here at our house we start early, Halloween is quite the important day in the Cox house, so no, that message is not like the Christmas decorations that are already up at your local shopping centers.  Speaking of Christmas, you know what would make a great gift?  Several big fat 'F's on a report card or two.  Just kidding, kind of!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hard to believe that July is coming to a close.  The last two weeks have been filled with all things Shakespeare.  Saturday night was the performance to wrap up our two week theater class.  25 young actors, 2 hours a day, for 2 weeks.  They worked hard and pulled of a great performance, even if we did miss an entrance here and there, and the laptop with the music decided to die right at a critical moment, when we needed the music for the first song.  I remember naysayers last year telling me that children could not perform Shakespeare, and I am happy to report that after two shows it is safe to say that, yes, children can, and can do it brilliantly.  Pictures to come soon.

In other news, Matt is still in ND, hoping to be here for a week soon.  For all news about Mike check the mission blog.  Gabby has been my right hand at home, and at the theater.  She is loving dance, can't wait for you all to see how great the team is this year!  Last week brought with it her first official yearbook editor responsibility, helping get senior photos for the yearbook lined up.  Last year Mike just went in and took a few shots with the tux top on and came home.  This year after spending days making phone calls to arrange appointments and then helping as her fellow senior classmates came in, Gabby decided that she wanted to take some 'fun' shots as well.  I am happy to report that after almost 2 1/2 hours of shooting we will have so many good shots to choose from that I am scared of trying to whittle it down.  There is one of her in a dance pose, just gorgeous beyond words.  Proofs will be here next week, neither of us can wait!

Heading to Lake Powell for girls camp.  Looking forward to spending quality time with some of the best women, young and not quite as young, that I know!

I am thankful for all of the good in my life, and for all of you that show me the good, and push and encourage to be better everyday to be better than I was the day before!

Much LOVE!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Hero!!!!

Well it has been a crazy week, if you need filling in on why that could be and what I did to respond to the crazy check out the missionary blog. 

We had a fun, lazy, Independence Day.  For the parade Gabby danced with the Ramettes and I, well I 'danced' with the best road construction crew that money can buy, seriously, that is why they pay us the big bucks!!  I say 'danced' for a couple of reasons, first, have you seen me dance?  Not a pretty picture, and second, we did have choreography and music, and we practiced even.  But they day of the parade, no music, wouldn't work for some reason, so we just faked it, as only the best can do.  Sooo much fun.  Big thanks to Shauna and Jet for pulling all of us and the whole thing together.  We took pictures with the fireman, went out for lunch and then did nothing, really nothing for hours, it was heavenly.  For dinner we went Brian Head and ate with the Meyers, (thank you so much!!!)  and watched a movie, before the fireworks.  I love fireworks, my favorite part of the holiday, and the louder the better, so Brian Head was perfect.  They echo off of those mountain tops, it is wonderful, and even better this year, thunder and lightening on to boot.  Nothing better than lightening flashing across the sky with the fireworks and a valley full of people ooohhhing in unison.  So very cool.  The price we paid for this was a wonderful summer cold that lasted until Sunday.  Worth every sneeze and cough and if asked would do it again in a heartbeat.  This week marks the beginning of summer theater, and with it all of the joy getting to work with the kids brings.  This year is  punctuated with just a little sadness as we all miss Mike very much.  It is good to be busy and try to get us girls into a routine, helps with the quiet we feel at the house.  We girls are plotting our next adventure, don't if we will share or just surprise you all when we take over the world!!!

 Hoping the best of whatever life has in store for each of you.........

Monday, June 24, 2013

What a crazy month! Mike has arrived in Spokane. There were some fun, surprise meetings involved in him getting there and new friends made who are lucky enough to spend time with him. On the home front Gabby has been busy learning dance routines for next year and enjoying time spent with friends. They went to the gap to watch the solstice and some crazy lady walked up to them, handed a puppy to one of them then walked away. Fortunately they found him a good home. He is so cute! This is my last year as the exhibit director and preparations are under way. Summer theater is starting, so excited for this year.( I think I feel this way every summer!). Good things happening everywhere! Wishing the same happiness to each of you!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

So Mike has been gone for 3 full days, Matt headed back out to ND on Friday.  So it is safe to say that the party has started at our house, as long as you call doing laundry a party.  Mikes first letter arrived today, but you can read all about that on the other blog.  Gabby has come up with the summers bucket list, and now we get to go out and cross stuff of it!!!